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We are a family-owned e-commerce Condiment business established in 2022! We specialize in all natural preservative-free Gourmet Hot Sauces and Marmalades, made with locally sourced fruits, vegetables and spices, to bring you an authentic, fresh and delicious twist to your everyday condiment delight

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Who we are

Great quality, great prices, great service!

“Originally Bronx, New York natives who decided to seek the warmth of the Sunshine State, we brought our century old Guyanese hot sauce recipe to the masses. When you mesh the old with the new, something magical happens. Our Signature blend brings the generational taste and flavor, couple that with our new flavors, and BOMB, WE SLAY GOURMET SAUCES!!!
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All Natural Ingredients

Each Bottle Has

No Artificial Preservatives
Gluten Free

Quality Unmatched

We use nothing but the freshest ingredients that are locally sourced. We are a Black-Owned Business that supports other small businesses in the making of all our Hot Sauces and Marmalades.